Hajkutter Festival Nysted

Dear Hajkutter-Crews!

The Hajkutter Regatta 2019 is approaching!

It’s now the 11th edition of the Haikutter Regatta that is taking place on 7th August 2019. It connects the Haikutter Festival in Nysted, Denmark (3.-7. August) and the 29th Hanse Sail in Rostock, Germany (8.-11. August).

It starts mid-morning in Nysted and after about 3 hours the ships will arrive in Rostock-Warnemünde. The Winner Ceremony takes place on Thursday evening in Rostock. To support the participating ships the Haikutter tax is provided by several companies and public institutions.

You are a ship-owner of a Haikutter? You want to participate in the Regatta and take guests with you? Just click on the file, download the printable version of our application and fill it in at your computer.


Need more infos on Hajkutter Regatta? Visit the festival’s website(danish) and see the programme(german).

We are looking forward to meet you this year in August!