Maritime Heritage Tours – Autumn Meeting in Roskilde

Meeting at Roskilde Rock’n’Roll Museum (photo: private)

At the end of October all project partners of Baltic Pass – Maritime Heritage Tours met for the last-in-season meeting in Roskilde, Denmark. Beside important topics concerning the development of the project, the host Roskilde Business College invited us into the Rock’n’Roll Museum. Each year nearby Roskilde 130.000 visitors attend in 8 days-long one of the biggest music festival in the world.

During two days we summarized and analysed the test cruises in 2017 and discussed financial matters and promotional issues for the upcoming months. At the end of the year the webpage and the first draft of the product will be finished. In January all partners will meet on “boot Düsseldorf”.

The evaluation survey showed up with very good results of the test cruises in 2017. Mostly all participants – youngsters, families and best agers – enjoyed their stay on board of the vessels and the sightseeing onshore. The feedback will be used for the development of the test cruises in 2018 on board of the vessels “Hjalm”, “General Zaruski”, “Brabander” and “Sarpen”. One result of the test cruises shows that there shouldn´t be too much sightseeing onshore and more involvement in sailing. In fact there are two different types of sailing interested people: one who wants to act like a sail trainee and one who just wants to sail without getting active and enjoying the journey.

The Hanseatic City of Rostock turns 800 years in 2018 and will be the host of the 38th International Hanseatic Days from the 21st to 24th of June. The project Leading Partner, Sport Gdansk, is planning a sail training test cruise with youngsters on board of “General Zaruski” starting in Gdansk, sailing to Świnoujście, further on to Sassnitz and reaching the harbour of Rostock for the Hanseatic Days. We are really looking forward to welcome the crew of “General Zaruski”. (Danielle Zimmermann)