1st International Workshop of Maritime Heritage Tours in Gdansk

In June 2017 32 tourism experts from 5 nations of the “Mare Balticum” met for the 1st International Workshop of the EU-Interreg project “Baltic Pass – Maritime Heritage Tours in Gdansk. The Hanse Sail Bureau is one project partner and responsible for the product development.

Jerzy Litwin, Director of the National Maritime Museum Gdansk, welcomed the participants of the workshop in the meeting rooms of the Museum and was proud that this place was chosen for the 1st international meeting. Right after him welcomed the Lead Partner, Gdansk Osrodeku Sportu (GOS) the guests. Project Manager Aneta Polsakiewicz gave details to the agenda, the challenges behind the project and the related objectives.

The highest challenge will be the development of the product. The products which will be developed during the project – the project name is promising it: Maritime Heritage Tours – are sailing tours on old traditional vessels combined with heritage sights on historical trading routes. All partners agreed upon that the storytelling of these tours will be the most relevant topic to fascinate sailors and all of them who want to get one and so far do not know about it.

For this reason Bartlomiej Barski from the Tourist Center Gdanks gave a summary about his experiences and knowledge of product development and what rules to be aware of.

Katarzyna Nowicka, Marketing Manager of the National Maritime Museum Gdansk, presented the Maritime Heritage Atlas of the South Baltic and gave some suggestions to integrate it in the actual project of Maritime Heritage Tours.

Guests for this workshop were as well vessel owners who shared their experiences and gave useful details for the product development. Because there is no need about a very fascinating sailing trip if it can´t be sailed by a traditional vessel.

After all the input and feedback, the tourism experts were invited for a sailing trip on the polish traditional vessel “General Zaruski” – just testing one possible sailing product themselves. (D. Zimmermann)