About Baltic Pass

Baltic Pass – Maritime Heritage Tours

The overall idea of the project is creating sailing paths, taking into account maritime heritage of the whole South Baltic region and combining sailing with visiting attractive places on the southern shores of Baltic Sea in different countries.

The project involves five project partners, from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, from Poland and from Lithuania as well as ten associated partners covering all five programme countries. The Municipal Sport and Recreation Centre in Gdańsk (PL) has the role of the lead partner. Partnership consists of local authorities, universities and tourist/sport organisation. The core partners are supported by associated partners such as a tourism organisation, SMS cluster, NGOs operating in tourism sector.

The main target groups involved in the project activities are:

  • Local actors like tour operators and representatives of maritime heritage sites;
  • Youngsters;
  • Representatives of business;
  • Tourists;
  • Tour operators.

Visit the website: https://maritime-heritage-tours.dk/en