Dear Sailors, welcome to the Baltic Sea and to the Baltic Sail 2021!

Baltic Sail events are exciting international festivals for all nations and generations! We invite you, your sailing ship and your crew.
By participating, you have the unique chance of bringing the culture and customs of your country to the Baltic Sail events. Visitors will be impressed by the old, majestic sailing ships and by the welcoming hospitality. Your participation will help us to preserve and promote sailing ships as a piece of the European maritime heritage. Meet old friends during the harbour festivals and make new friends with trainees, other crews and visitors from all over the world. The Baltic Sail aims to support traditional sailing as an European maritime cultural good, to develop it into a trademark of the Baltic Sail region. Baltic Sail target is to establish a permanent network for Maritime Tourism in the Baltic Sea region.

Apply now! Here you can apply for the Baltic Sail 2021.